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Reyes by animepotter4eva Reyes :iconanimepotter4eva:animepotter4eva 5 8 Quite Salty by animepotter4eva Quite Salty :iconanimepotter4eva:animepotter4eva 2 5 The Sun by animepotter4eva The Sun :iconanimepotter4eva:animepotter4eva 2 3 Rain by animepotter4eva Rain :iconanimepotter4eva:animepotter4eva 0 7 Stop, Rewind. by animepotter4eva Stop, Rewind. :iconanimepotter4eva:animepotter4eva 3 6
Zutara Week 2010: Change
Katara had become consumed with the New York lifestyle. She woke up early every morning, donned herself to the nearest Jasmine Dragon and picked up the usual coffee or tea for herself, her boss, and sometimes her coworkers, who ordered on the last minute. In a way, she was at the bottom of the food chain at her office. She worked as an intern for one of the top fashion designers of her day, Haw Roo.
Katara loved his work, he used lots of greens, and had a very earthy style. His office was filled with mini zen gardens, small water fountains, and the smell of jasmine incense. The sound of the tsungi horn was almost always playing from the multiple ipod speakers placed in the office. It was a very soothing place to work at. However, Haw Roo himself was not always soothing. He had his own way of discipline, which involved him staring at whoever angered him until they could feel daggers being poked into their skin with his bright green eyes, which were so intense that people had to make a l
:iconanimepotter4eva:animepotter4eva 13 11
Zutara Week 2010: Family
"Zuko, where are you taking me?! It's pouring!" Katara said, as she was being dragged by the wrist by Zuko. They were both soaked from head to two, running in the streets of Paris on a rainy spring night.
"Trust me, it's going to be worth it." Zuko said, as they ran to reach the other side of the street as the traffic light turned green.
Katara had been studying abroad for almost the entire year, when Zuko came to surprise her, as it was spring break, with a reservation at a pretty nice hotel for both of them and had refused her suggestion to stay in her dorm and not waste money. He took her out to a fancy restaurant, and even bought her a bouquet of red roses as a spontaneous gift. She had become a little suspicious, but decided to let it go and enjoy his presence in the beautiful city alongside herself. As Zuko rushed Katara through the city, she couldn't help but admire the way the town became illuminated at night, accenting the beauty of the buildings, and restaurants, it just made
:iconanimepotter4eva:animepotter4eva 38 31
Summer ID 2010 by animepotter4eva Summer ID 2010 :iconanimepotter4eva:animepotter4eva 4 15 Etude by animepotter4eva Etude :iconanimepotter4eva:animepotter4eva 3 0
My Girl, Jane.
I never realized what a determined person I was until one day in my kindergarten class. Ms. Daly announced that we would be exchanging gifts for the holidays, basically secret santa. Everyone was buzzing with chatter and excitement was definitely around the room. Then Ms. Daly had us go around the room and say one thing we wanted for the holidays. All the girls said barbies, or new dresses, while the boys longed for trucks and toy airplanes. Except for Jane. When it was Jane's turn to say what she wanted, she quietly mumbled something as she was talking to her desk. Jane was quiet, and none of the other girls in the class bothered trying to have a conversation with her about princesses.
Ms. Daly sighed and moved on to the next person. But I was curious, I was curious to hear what little Jane Martins wanted for the holidays this year. In truth, I was madly in love with her blonde, spaghetti like hair, her chestnut brown eyes and the red tights with grape juice stains on them that she wo
:iconanimepotter4eva:animepotter4eva 4 14
My Companion
Deep in the forests in Cartagena, Spain in 1894, there lived a rather small colony of bulls.  There were several families, small and large. Among these families were also orphan bulls, which had been abandoned by their biological parents, and had joined the colony in order to take care of themselves. And among these bulls, lived Amado.
Amado was young, not quite grown to his full size yet. But he was smart, and the kindest of the bunch. Many perceived him as 'too sensitive,' or a 'softy,' seeing, as he was never aggressive, and always turned down a fight. "No, I will not fight," he would say. He was peaceful and genial, which was a strange quality to have in a colony of bulls. Still, Amado had friends. He still had others to spend time with; Amado was not at all a loner.
Guiomar was not the bull you'd expect Amado to be friends with. They were both very different from each other. Guiomar was much larger, more aggressive, very haughty and impulsive, everything Amado was not. B
:iconanimepotter4eva:animepotter4eva 0 5
Lay Back by animepotter4eva Lay Back :iconanimepotter4eva:animepotter4eva 4 8 Sea Breeze by animepotter4eva Sea Breeze :iconanimepotter4eva:animepotter4eva 3 3
Toilet Quest
It was Friday afternoon, and the Emma Jay had just left her Journalism class at Wellesley College to use the restroom. Normally, she would wait until the class was over, but today she just couldn't hold it in. Emma loved Wellesley, it was almost as if the college was made just for her. She'd attended public school all her life, so it was nice to continue her education in a place where everyone worked hard to achieve his or her goals.
Emma wasn't particularly fond of public bathrooms. In fact, she was quite the germa-phobe. She always used two protective seat covers, and brought her own hand wipes just incase the soap was out. The bathrooms at Wellesley weren't all that bad, but hey, it was college students, what do you expect?
She made her way into the ladies room and went into the stall near the middle of the row. As she locked the stall door and turned around, she gasped. The water in the toilet was a metallic, greenish blue color. Usually, she would go into another stall, but this m
:iconanimepotter4eva:animepotter4eva 2 19
Zutara Week: Cactus Juice
Zuko wasn't the bar type. He didn't like the idea of getting drunk at a public place and crashing in an alleyway. Which is what happened last time, of course. But when he was invited to Sokka's birthday party, he knew he had to say yes. A, because it'd be rude to decline a friend's invitation, and B, because Katara was going to be there.
Zuko knew he liked Katara more than a friend. He knew that he was attracted to her, and he was dying to put his arms around her waist, to hold her against his body,to stroke her long brown hair...
But he didn't want to risk anything. Katara was his best friend, and the last thing he wanted was to lose her. He couldn't just let her slip through his fingers. He had no idea whether she felt the same way, and he wanted more than anything to find out...
"You look nervous" Toph said, the afternoon before the party.
"...How can you tell?" Zuko said, aware of her smart remark.
"I don't know, but you seem haven't talked to anyone in the house toda
:iconanimepotter4eva:animepotter4eva 16 20
Echo by animepotter4eva Echo :iconanimepotter4eva:animepotter4eva 8 13


The First, Second, Third, and Fourth Avatar by Avield The First, Second, Third, and Fourth Avatar :iconavield:Avield 632 103
I am moths dancing
In attic sun.  Together,
We cast small shadows.
Not light and dark; you are light
I am turned white by your glow.
:icongingerspice019:GingerSpice019 11 24
General Iroh by Nazgullow General Iroh :iconnazgullow:Nazgullow 3,557 229 Son of Neptune by burdge Son of Neptune :iconburdge:burdge 6,249 878 First Impressions by burdge First Impressions :iconburdge:burdge 10,688 1,342 PJatO Meme by burdge PJatO Meme :iconburdge:burdge 1,805 392 get off my study guide by burdge get off my study guide :iconburdge:burdge 2,935 498 weary by burdge weary :iconburdge:burdge 7,733 683 James' hair by burdge James' hair :iconburdge:burdge 9,704 1,031 if you were here by burdge if you were here :iconburdge:burdge 1,776 130 Arnold approves by burdge Arnold approves :iconburdge:burdge 5,355 328 Astrid sketchies by burdge Astrid sketchies :iconburdge:burdge 1,736 73 can you see me? by burdge can you see me? :iconburdge:burdge 3,377 134 Hiccup by burdge Hiccup :iconburdge:burdge 2,923 200 Bullet by burdge Bullet :iconburdge:burdge 1,017 87 TMI by burdge TMI :iconburdge:burdge 3,775 630





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Hello bitches, :icongingerspice019: speaking. My dear friend animepotter has requested that I inform you that she will be away from her computer for about a week.  

So. Yee.

Sincerely, GingerSpice019

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